Opportunities, challenges and Obstacles affecting CRNAs in the current healthcare environment that we must rise above include:

  • Local barriers to practice (medical privileging, prescription privileging, hospital administration perceptions)

  • State and federal legislation that inhibits scope of practice

  • Workforce marketplace competition

  • Practice inefficiencies and new challenges in the healthcare system

  • Inaccuracies and mistruths about CRNAs

  • Interdisciplinary communication barriers

  • Health systems challenges

  • Health insurance systems that don’t recognize CRNAs as providers

We are also asking all CRNAs to RISE Above their status quo by:

  • Increasing their commitment above and beyond the Foundation’s Annual Fund to support critical, costly health services research projects, and

  • Growing the overall number of CRNAs who support Foundation-funded research by becoming donors themselves or encouraging colleagues to donate, with a goal of doubling or even tripling the number of donors to the Foundation.

    With a proven track record and history of commitment to the nurse anesthesia profession for more than three decades, the Foundation now, more than ever, must continue to be the beacon for quality anesthesia research. We ask all CRNAs to RISE Above their comfort zones and support this important work.