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RISE Above Campaign


Q. What is the RISE Above Campaign, how much is being raised and how will you use the money?

A. The purpose of the RISE Above Campaign will be to fund additional research studies to advance the profession and patient safety. The campaign aims to surpass $1 million in funding for Health Services Research that will inform healthcare policy affecting patient care processes and patient/provider interactions. Ultimately, the research will educate the spectrum of healthcare stakeholders about the value and quality that CRNAs bring to their patients.

Q. You received a $1 million gift from the NBCRNA.  Why do you need more?

A. The AANA Foundation is very grateful and appreciative of a $1 million gift from the NBCRNA. However, additional funding is required to fund the type and amount of research that is necessary to improve anesthesia patient safety, advocate for the profession, and invest in studies to challenge the harmful messaging and attacks from the competition. Such research can cost in the range of $250,000 - $500,000 or more per study, and the findings of these studies will protect (secure) the practice of nurse anesthetists through evidenced demonstrated studies.

Q. Is the AANA Board supportive of the campaign?

A. Yes, the AANA board is fully supportive of the Campaign and will be asked to play an active role and be a participant throughout.

Q. Who decides on what research is chosen and funded?

The research agenda and priorities for the RISE Above campaign funding are developed by the Health Services Research Team (appointed CRNAs) who examines key issues facing nurse anesthetists. The research agenda is then approved by the AANA Foundation Board, and reviewed annually to meet the needs of the AANA and the membership.

 Q. How will the potential researchers be found and engaged? 

A. The process to receive applications will occur through a standard call for proposals.  It is anticipated that the majority of the funded research will be awarded to vendors with an expertise in Health Services Research. However, CRNAs will be invited to compete for the funding.

Q. I’m not sure how this affects me personally. Can you give me an example?

A. There are many specific issues that could negatively impact practicing CRNAs. There may be local barriers to practice like medical privileging, prescription privileging, hospital administration perceptions.  Unfavorable state and federal legislation may inhibit your scope of practice. Other issues that may affect your practice include workforce marketplace competition as well as inefficiencies and resistance in your healthcare system.

By supporting the Rise Above Campaign, you will support high-level research that is critically important to advocating for and advancing the CRNA profession, and rebutting inaccuracies and mistruths about nurse anesthesia.  Health services research benefits all CRNAs. 

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